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Isuru Lanka Tech is a small but dedicated and committed team based in Colombo, servicing customers in the city and its suburbs since 1998. Our customers range from general computer home users to large businesses in various fields. Our team is equipped with professionals who can provide you with a personalised solution to cater to your needs and issues that you are facing whether it be your home or office or any other piece of IT equipment that needs sorting out.

We are an independent company with a proven track record of quality and delivery of service.  The solutions we provide for each customer is catered to their individual requirement, this long standing bond with our customers has been the reason why have developed from where we started as a small business. Our team is committed to maintaining a high level of standard in our service and repairs to customers.
Professional Damage Hard Disk Data Recovery Service in Sri Lanka – Colombo - Local and International Work Experience.
Come & Meet Qualified Engineers Always. Get 100% Success Result From Our Place….
Because we are Using Word Number 01. Data Recovery Equipment and Tools… Not Have Any Other Places this Tools in Sri Lanka.
100% Guarantee and Data Privacy.
SAS Hard Disk / Mirror System & Damage or Corrupted RAID System Data Recovery.
We can Recovery all Kind of Data Storage Devices. “Specially Not Detecting Hard Disk “ 
CCTV Camera Recorder – DVR / NVR Hard Disk Data Recovery





Isuru Lanka Tech
Polhengoda Juntion.
Colombo 05.
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Tel: 077 310 4296 / 077 756 5224 / 0114-50334